Press Release: June 1, 2004
National Acupuncture Foundation (NAF)

June 1, 2004

Contact: Tierney Tully
National Acupuncture Foundation

P.O. Box 137

Chaplin, CT 06235
Phone: (860) 455-4424


The National Acupuncture Foundation (NAF) wishes to announce that it has engaged Tierney Tully, MSOM, Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM) as its executive director. The administration of the NAF was previously conducted under a management contract with the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance. Ms. Tully, employed by the Alliance, acted as executive director for the NAF under that arrangement. When Ms. Tully left the Alliance in June of this year, the NAF board asked her to continue as the director of the NAF and she accepted. Ms. Tully, herself a licensed acupuncturist, looks forward to bringing more recognition to the work and programs of the NAF and to helping the organization achieve its goals as a prominent organization within the acupuncture and Oriental medicine community.

The NAF publishes the Clean Needle Technique Manual for Acupuncturists in English, Chinese, and Korean languages. The fifth edition of the manual was released earlier this year and represents a comprehensive revision of previously covered material, as well as new material. NAF has also published the Legislative Handbook for the Practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Laws book. Due to popular demand, the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Laws book is currently being updated and the new edition will be released at the first of the year 2005. The NAF is also publishing a new title by Michael H. Cohen in 2005. Mr. Cohen is known for his extensive writings on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) law. The book, Legal Issues in Alternative Medicine, will be available in January 2005.

In addition to its publishing projects, the NAF maintains a database of licensed acupuncturists throughout the country. The list is available to rent in full or state-by-state.

The NAF Board of Directors will be meeting in October to discuss potential new projects, including scholarship programs, research, and public education programs.

The mailing address for the NAF will be P.O. Box 137, Chaplin, CT 06235. The telephone number will be (860) 455-4424. You may also now reach the NAF by email at A web site is currently under construction at


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